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the revolutionary generation of automatic cold beverage dispensers

From Turin to the World: The Story of Kreatek, the Italian Company that Revolutionized the Cold Beverage Dispenser Industry with Visionary Designs, Cutting-Edge Technologies, and Unwavering Passion.

We are a 100% Italian company

The Kreatek brand has given life to the ‘new generation’ in the field of automatic microfiltered water and juice dispensers, designing solutions with extremely innovative design and technologies.

We are driven by passion for our work, which has allowed us to evolve and experiment with increasingly cutting-edge solutions over the past ten years. This enables us to guarantee extremely high-quality dispensers, entirely made in Italy.

For us, it is important to keep up with the demands that the market presents: natural products and juices with concentrations close to 100% are the standards we can offer thanks to our continuous investments in research and development” in English1.

Patented system

European components and meticulous attention to detail have given life to our patented system, the “Regular mix.” This system ensures perfect product blending and consistent dispensing over time. Our advanced refrigeration compartment maintains stable temperatures even during peak operation

Additionally, an advanced refrigeration compartment allows for maintaining stable temperatures even at maximum operating conditions.

After successfully passing delicate testing and trials, we have achieved dispensers that minimize both raw material waste and maintenance interventions.. In this way, we safeguard the environment and bring happiness to our partners!

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Dispensers and distributors
with high performance

We work tirelessly every day to bring the forefront of cold beverage dispensers to the market.

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High Performance

Similar performance cannot be achieved with the machinery currently on the market, where only a good degree of mixing can be obtained at low fruit concentrations (approximately 20-30%).

Our latest productions are also equipped with super-advanced technology, allowing remote control of functions—a true achievement in the beverage dispenser industry.

At Kreatek, we are extremely proud to have turned our dream, initially a project, into reality, bringing a unique solution to the field of cold beverage dispenser

The history

Our story began far from where we are now, but it’s the recognition from our customers that has made us the solid reality we are today. Kreatek was founded in 2011 in the heart of Turin by its founder, Leonardo Gerardi, who inherited experience and enthusiasm from his father, Accursio Gerardi, the owner of one of Italy’s largest mechanical workshops in the Commercial Marine sector.

Kreatek was created with a single vision: to make breakfast in the hospitality industry a unique experience for guests. For all these years, we have been dedicated to providing everything necessary for hoteliers and restaurateurs to set up complete, delicious, and functional breakfasts.

All of this has allowed us to gain solid experience in the world of Ho.Re.Ca. services and supplies, collecting positive experiences day by day from our customers. Since 2018, considering the market’s evolution, we made the strategic decision to focus all our resources on the exclusive production of cold beverage dispensers and 24-hour automatic dispensers.

Our values, however, have never changed: quality, the Italian origin of raw materials, and attention to environmental sustainability have always been our steadfast principles. Today, we supply hospitality facilities, bars, and restaurants, as well as private individuals who appreciate the convenience of having an automatic beverage dispenser directly at home.

Recently, we have expanded our production by introducing Vending machines, which distribute beverages. These machines allow us to serve offices and other types of businesses

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